Clarifications needed while hiring a signage company

Hiring a signage firm is not an easy task for the business owners. After short listing the list of firms, one needs to clarify many things besides the price and time of installation. Interestingly, some of the famous for used scrap metals dealers too involve in this activity as many of them are responsible for the installation of signage and other advertising tools in major areas of the city as well as in small towns.  Business owners need to check the following points before finalizing the deal while considering the popular and reputable signage company in Singapore and its neighborhoods.

  • Does the service offer the installation and maintenance service as well? Installing the signage accurately and aesthetically requires neatness and specialized technique. Hence it is better to ask the signage company only to install the board. Since some signage systems have sophisticated machinery in the background, regular maintenance is necessary to ensure proper functioning. Although it may attract extra cost, taking the maintenance service from the signage company is worth an investment.
  • The company should have the know-how of the geographical details and customer base of the targeted area. Since signage systems are installed to attract the local consumers, their lifestyle choices, knowledge of prominent location which is usually crowded will increase the chances of the signage attraction more and more customer base. 

Know the types of signage used in industry

Partnering with a promising signage company can prove to be a successful marketing strategy to increase your customer base.  These firms make various types of signage products which are as follows:

  • Window and building graphics: Some time the window or the building wall itself is used for advertising. Using your office location external windows and building to display your company Logo and other product & services offered. Certain disadvantages of these types of signs are they are difficult to install especially once the temperature falls below 5 degrees. Also, they are tough to be removed, if you decide to change your office location.
  • Digital Signboards: These signboards use technologies like projection, LCD, LED, cloud-based to display content like streaming videos, web pages, restaurant menu, mall or building outlay and information, etc. With options like touch screen, the user can easily navigate through various pages and information easily.

All types of informational signage should be easy to read and communicate the message to the customer. Using of bold pictorial and alphabetical characters ensure smooth visibility of the signboards.